The Gardening Coach


Welcome to the Gardening Coach website!

  • The Gardening Coach provides a unique service in Belgium by teaching clients how to develop and maintain a garden that suits their needs & lifestyle. My goal is to create many more better gardeners!

  • Many people are already living with gardens they believe require too much work and maintenance. The Gardening Coach can help by discovering their lifestyle needs, making design suggestions, recommending plants, offering advice on where to find them and how to keep them looking great.

  • Some people need to know what's in their newly acquired garden. The Gardening Coach helps clients understand what to keep, what not, and how to maintain it all. For example how to maintain lawns, pruning techniques and how to lower the overall maintenance workload of the garden.

  • Many clients have overgrown gardens so the Gardening Coach shows them how to get them under control, make them much more beautiful and healthy.  An action plan is tailored for each client’s needs to achieve this.

  • The Gardening Coach will provide advice on being an environmentally friendly gardener including composting, efficient water use, chemical free gardening techniques and using biological controls for weeds and pests.
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